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Workshops and Events

Midnight sun Karin Christensen

Norway workshop
Akvarell sommerkurs

Jørpeland 12. - 14 juli 24

This workshop is in Norwegian.

Bli med på et kreativt og inspirerende sommerkurs i gamle Jørpelandsvågen. 

Vi skal være i det koselige og historiske Jørpelands Brug, som ligger idyllisk til nede ved båthavna. 

Kurset er åpent for deg som har lyst til å lære ulike akvarellteknikker og male lokale, kjekke motiv. 

Vi eksperimenterer også med blanding av akvarell og blekk.

Alle materialer er inkludert. 

Du får også akvarell skissebok, fineliner og blekk. 

Kurset passer alle, med eller uten erfaring. 

Ta med hjem alle skisser og malerier, ny kunnskap, inspirasjon og ideer til videre arbeid. 

Jeg holder kurset sammen med Guri Hovland fra Draumehus, og vi legger opp til et spennende program, kreativ kos og sosialt samvær. 

Pris kr. 2400,-

Sted: Jørpeland Brug

12. - 14. juli 10:00 - 16:00

Kontakt meg hvis du har spørsmål.

Meld deg på hos Guri:

Midnight sun Karin Christensen

Paint Seascapes in Watercolours

October 20th and 27th 2024

Come and paint atmospheric seascapes and sunsets. 

With its unique ability to blend colours, watercolours are great for painting loose scenes. 

Learn how to blend colours, build up a painting and create disctance and light using a limited palette. 

Open to everybody, all materials included. 

Limited to 9 participants. 

Alford Arts and Craft Centre, 10.30am - 3:30pm.

Midnight sun Karin Christensen

Paint Nature in Watercolours

October 6th, November 16th 2024

Join me for a day of painting trees and woodlands, inspired by the lovely Lincolnshire landscape. 

Using ink and watercolours, we will experiment with colours and textures to create interesting results. 

Our focus will be on capturing the light in the landscape. 

Alford Arts and Craft Centre 10:30am - 3:30pm.

All materials included, open to everyone. 

Max 9 participants. 

Midnight sun Karin Christensen

Exploring Watercolours

One day workshop May 25th
Fully booked, waiting list available

Join me for a day of playing with watercolours and creating interesting textures. 

Discover how a variety of textures can enhance your paintings and add interest to your artwork.  

Take home new ideas, inspiration for future work and all the experiments you have created on the day. 

Open to eveyone, all materials provided. 

Saturday May 25th at Kirton Town Hall, PE20 1LD

Times: 10 am - 3:30 pm.

Cost £ 45 payable when booking

Limited places. 

Includes all materials and refreshments. 

Bring your own lunch, access to kitchen. 

Good parking. 

Midnight sun Karin Christensen

Frampton RSPB Nature Reserve
Watercolour painting

January 25th 1-4 pm
Fully Booked

Come and paint with me at the beautiful Frampton Nature Reserve close to Boston, Lincolnshire. 

The Wash area is the UKs most important area for wetland birds. We will use the new visitors centre as our base, with stunning views over the nature reserve. 

Our focus is to paint the landscape, including seasonal birds. Weather permitting we might also go outside and sketch on location before continuing inside. 

Limited numbers, materials provided, open to everyone. 

Refreshments available at the cafe, good parking. 

Location: Framton Marsh PE201AY

Midnight sun Karin Christensen

Watercolour class for beginners

New course starting January 2nd 2024
Fully booked.

Join me for this 8 weeks course in learing about watercolours and painting techniques. 

Open to beginners and if you have some painting experience. 

Tuesdays 11am - 1 pm at the Kirton Town Hall, near Boston. 

£ 80 for the course, including sketchbook. 

Matierials not included and a list of suggested materials is available. 

Friendly, creative, social. 

Course now fully booked. 

Midnight sun Karin Christensen

Perspective for Painters

February 4th and 18th, 2024
Fully booked.

Getting the perspective right can make a big difference when you draw and paint. 

Today we will learn one and two point perspective, and apply this to streetscenes, landscape and also include people. 

Easy to understand exercises.

Open to everyone, small group.

Materials included. 

For waiting list, please contact me. 

Midnight sun Karin Christensen

Create Vivid Sunflowers Ink and Watercolours

April 27 and May 5 2024

Come and play with inks and watercolours while we create vivid sunflowers. Practice various techniques and go a little crazy with shapes and colours. 

Great if you want to loosen up and enjoy yourself. 

Open to everyone, small group.

The April 27th course is now full but May 5th has available spaces. 

Matierials included. 

Midnight sun Karin Christensen

Paint for Kirton Church

Help fundraise for the Church

Join me on September 2nd 2023 to paint your own artwork of the beautiful 12th century Kirton Church. 

We are fundraising for a new roof for the church and being creative at the same time. 

Time: 13:30 - 15:30 pm, Kirton PE201EH

The cost is £ 15 per person, including paper and refreshments. 

Children under 16 goes free when with an adult. 

Bring your own pens / paints or crayons, whatever you like to use. 

Open to everyone, no previous painting experience needed. 

Friendly, creative, social. 

To join, contact Paula Davis, 07749 877578. 


Midnight sun Karin Christensen

Landscape in Ink and Watercolour
Fully Booked

Workshop at Alford Craft Market
October 1st 2023

Taking inspiration from the beautiful Lincolnshire Wolds, we will experiement with landscape painting in a loose "ink and wash" style. This is a popular and easily accessible way of painting with watercolours, open to all. 

For more details follow link below. 

Only 9 spaces, all materials provided plus refreshements. 

Midnight sun Karin Christensen

Paint a Village Scene in Ink and Watercolour
Fully Booked

Alford Craft Market Centre
October 8, 2023

Taking inspiration from the lovely villages in the Lincolnshire Wolds, we will practice the "ink and wash" approach to painting with watercolurs. 

For more details, follow the link below to the Alford booking site. 

Open to everyone and all materials provided, plus refreshments. 

Only 9 spaces, 10:30 - 3:30 pm.

Midnight sun Karin Christensen

Paint Flowers in Inks and Watercolours

April 23 and April 30, 2023
(Fully booked)

Join me for this one day workshop at Alford Art and Craft Centre where we will experiment with combining inks and watercolours whilst painting imaginary flowers. 

Playing with ideas and materials is a lovely way to discover new creative avenues, so come prepared to try out some colourful combinations. 

Open to everyone. 

Only 9 participants per course, all materials included. 

Follow link to sign up. 

Midnight sun Karin Christensen

Sketching with Lincolnshire Wolds Festival

Alford June 4 and 11

Join us for a day of sketching outside as part of the Lincolnshire Wolds festival program. Open to everyone, learn easy ways of sketching on location and which materials work best. A sketchbook is included in the course. 

The Lincolnshire Wolds is a beautiful part of the county with rolling hills and lovely villages. We will sketch in the small town of Alford, full of buildings with character and personality. 

Only 8 participants.

Fun, relaxed and creative. 

Midnight sun Karin Christensen

Paint your House in Ink and Watercolours

Alford Arts Gallery, February 12th 2023, 10.30 - 3:30 pm.
(Fully booked.)

Every house has its own story and character and in this workshop we will look at many different elements that go into painting houses: style, colours, texture, doors, windows etc. Bring a photo of your house or the house of someone you know, and paint a portrait to take home. 

Using a combination of ink and watercolours, we will paint in a loose style and aim to create an image  personal to you. 

This workshop is open to everyone. Small group.

All materials and refreshments included. 

Midnight sun Karin Christensen

Paint Boats and Harbour Scenes in Ink and Watercolour

Alford Arts Gallery, February 26th 2023, 10:30 - 3:30 pm.
(The February 19th workshop is full.)

Boats and harbour scenes often inspire artists, as many boats have personality and charm. 

In this workshop we will practice painting boats using ink and watercolours. We will also include harbour scenes and decorations such as buoys and fenders. 

You will learn to combine ink and watercolours, paint in a loose style and take home several different images. 

Our focus is on experimenting and the workshop is open to eveyone. 

All materials and refreshments are included. Small group and friendly atmosphere. 

Midnight sun Karin Christensen

Watercolours for Beginners

One day course in Kirton
(Fully booked)

Would you like to try watercolours?

Join me for a day of discovering;

  • What makes watercolours unique?

  • Which materials work best?

  • Various painting techniques.

All materials included, plus refreshments. 

Open to all over 16 years (or younger if accompanied).

Kirton Town Hall, close to Boston, Lincolnshire.

Good parking.


Midnight sun Karin Christensen

Workshops at Alfords Arts Gallery

One day courses in October and November

I look forward to painting at the beautiful Alford Arts Gallery, with only 6 participants per course it is always a creative and productive experience. 

Imaginary landscapes in Ink and Watercolour

Sunday October 30th,

All materials provided.


Winter landscapes in Watercolours 

Sunday November 13th, 

All materials provided. 


Courses £ 40 each, including all matierials, drinks and biscuits. 

Contact Alford directly to enquire or book.

Midnight sun Karin Christensen

Mal Fargerike Båter med blekk og akvarell
Now Ended

Et kurs for deg som liker båter og maling

Vi maler fargerike båter på dette kurset ved å kombinere blekk of akvarell for sterke linjer og uttrykk.

Sted: Hos Draumehus på Sørskår kai.

Tid: 14. September kl 17 - 21.

Blekk og materialer er innkludert i kurset, ta med akvarell farger eller kjøp rimelig på dagen. 

 Åpent for alle. 

Servering av deilig gresk mat, dessert og drikke er også innkludert i kurset. 

Kontakt: for mer informasjon.


Midnight sun Karin Christensen

Paint Poppy Flowers,
Now Ended

Sam Scorer Gallery, Lincoln, July 14th, 1- 2:30 pm.

Join me for a taster workshop and create a lose and colourful watercolour using a wet in wet technique. We are painting in the gallery of the VIVID exhibition, surrounded by beautiful artwork and lots of inspiration. 

Open to everyone. Bring brushes and paint. Paper is provided.

To book email Eve on:

Midnight sun Karin Christensen

Paint Poppies
Now Ended

Summer Flowers in watercolour - Sunday July 31st

Colourful flowers can freshen up any artwork. Using creative techniques in

watercolour we will paint a variety of flowers, including poppies in a sunny

landscape. Our focus will be on a loose style and creating light and contrast to

achieve artistic impact. Open to everyone. Take home paintings, inspiration and

easy ideas. All materials provided.

Midnight sun Karin Christensen

Paint Boats
Now Ended

Boats with Ink and Watercolour - Sunday July 17th

Boats have lots of personality and often inspire artists. Yet they are not always

easy to get right in a painting. Today we will look at the shape of boats and paint

several different versions as practice. Our focus will be on experimentation and

the workshop is open to everyone. Using a combination of ink and watercolour

you will take home paintings, inspiration and new ideas. All materials provided.

Midnight sun Karin Christensen

Lag Mini Malerier
Nå ferdig

Workshop in Norway April 2. 2022

Bli med på et dagskurs hvor vi maler mini malerier og lager originale kunstkort. 

Kurset passer for alle som har lyst til å eksperimentere med akvarell maling. 

Sted: Draumhus, Sørskår kai, Rogland.

Lørdag 2. april kl. 11-16. 

Inkludert deilig lunsj, te, kaffe og snacks. 

Kr. 950,- prisen inckluderer mat, drikke, alle akvarell papirer og 6 kunstkort per deltaker. 

Ta med akvarell maling selv eller kjøp rimelig på dagen. 

Påmelding til:

Midnight sun Karin Christensen

Free Taster Evening
Now Ended

Kirton Town Hall April 20th 2022, 7-9 pm

Would you like to take up drawing or painting? 

Join me this evening at the Kirton Town Hall to learn more about painting with watercolours and also sketching on location. 

We will paint an ink and watercolour abstract landscape and learn more about art materials. No previous experience needed, just an interest in getting creative and trying new techniques.

Open to anyone over 16 years. Limited spaces, booking necessary.

Midnight sun Karin Christensen

Sketching Local Scenery
Now Ended

Learn to sketch and paint on location

Based at the Kirton Town Hall, we will venture out and sketch on location weather permitting. 

Starting Monday May 9th at 6:30 - 9 pm, we will spend 7 weeks learning drawing techniques, observation skills and perspective for landscapes and townscapes. 

Sketching outside is a great way to capture scenes that might inspire you and turn these into interesting artwork. 

Cost for 7 weeks (17.5 hours ) is £ 75. A deposit of £ 25 is payable when booking. 

Open to beginners and also if you have some sketching experience and are over 16 years of age. 

To enquire or book please use the link below. 

Midnight sun Karin Christensen

Watercolour Painting Course
Now Ended

Learn to paint with watercolours

Starting on May 3rd 2022 and running for 8 weeks, you will learn a variety of techniques for painting with watercolours, including buildings, flowers and landscapes. 

Open to beginners and also if you have some painting experience and are over 16 years old. 

Venue: Kirton Town Hall, Tuesday evenings 7-9 pm. Good parking, all facilities. 

Cost: For 8 weeks £ 75, a deposit of @ 25 is payable when booking. 

A list of basic materials will be provided in good time before the course starts. 

This is a course for you if you like to get creative and enjoy painting with other people. 

 For questions or to book a space, use contact button. 

Midnight sun Karin Christensen

Ink and Watercolour Blog

For Ken Bromley, art supplier

Check out my blog on mixing Ink and Watercolour in art, with many ideas and tips for how to experiement and play. Written for the art supplier Ken Bromley, click on the link to read more.

Midnight sun Karin Christensen

Workshops at Alford Art Gallery
Now Ended

Four workshops to choose from

I am looking forward to teaching four exciting one-day workshops at the Alford Art Gallery during spring 2022. 

Venue: Alford Art Gallery, Alford. Spend the day in an art gallery and be inspired!

Some or all art materials included. 

Only 6 participants per course.

See the Alford Art Gallery for details. 

Midnight sun Karin Christensen

Ink and Watercolour Course
Now Ended

Starting January 10th 2022

FULL: This is a 10 week course of painting with Ink and Watercolours.  Combining ink and watercolours offers many creative possibilities. In this course we will experiment, play and also get down to some painting business.  If you like to create art with impact and strong lines, this course might be for you.

Starting: January 10th 2022 7 - 9 pm.

Venue: Kirton Town Hall, Kirton.

A list of basic materials will be provided in good time before the course starts. A sketch book comes free with the course. 

Midnight sun Karin Christensen

Watercolour Painting Course

Starting January 12th 2022 in Kirton

FULL: Join me for this 10 weeks course exploring the many possibilities of painting with watercolours. 

We will lean a variety of painting techniques and also experiment with texture. This course is open to beginners or if you have some experience with painting. 

Venue: Kirton Town Hall, Kirton.

A list of basic materials will be provided in good time before the course starts. A sketchbook comes free with the course. 

For more details or to sign up use to Contact page to message me. 

Midnight sun Karin Christensen

Alford Art Gallery

Exhibition of original paintings

During the month of November 2021 I am very pleased to be Artist of the Month in the Alford Art Gallery. I am exhibiting 25 original ink and watercolour paintings, many of local scenery. 

The exhibition is open Tuesday to Saturday 10 - 4 pm.


Address 14 A Market Place, Alford LN13 9EB

Midnight sun Karin Christensen

Old Kings Head, Kirton

Exhibition of paintings

The Old Kings Head is a 16th century  Inn, now transformed into a hotel in the village of Kirton, 4 miles south of Boston. It has been beautifully restored by Heritage Lincolnshire and I am honored to exhibit 10 of my paintings in their cafe and dining rooms.

Paintings feature local scenes, including the Frampton bird reserve and Boston market days.  

All the artwork is for sale and a percentage goes to support the work of Heritage Lincolnshire. 

Why not stop by for a coffe and a cake and take a look...

Midnight sun Karin Christensen

Painting classes in Kirton
Now Ended

10 week course painting in watercolours

The current 10 weeks course in exploring the many possibilities of painting with watercolour is now full. If you are interested in joining a future course, please contact me and I will keep you up to date with any plans. 

In this course we focus on experimenting and learning a variety of tecniques. Suitable for beginners and also if you have some experience with watercolours. 

Current course: Mondays 7-9 pm, Kirton Town hall.  September 2021. 

New course planned for Jan 2022, ask for details. 

Friendly, social, creative.

Contact me for more details using the web contact form or send email:

Midnight sun Karin Christensen

Maledag på Sørskår hos Draumehus 1. august

Vi eksperimenterer med blekk og akvarell maling

Denne dagen lærer vi forskjellige teknikker med kombinasjon av blekk og akvarell maling. Fokus er på kreativ utforskning og prøving av nye ideer. Alle deltakere får skissebok, blekk og kullblyanter. 

Sted: Draumehus ved Guri Hovland, Sørskår Kai, Ryfylke 

Tid: 11-4, lunsj inkludert

Kontakt Guri for mer informasjon:

Midnight sun Karin Christensen

Stålverket i tegninger og malerier

Kunstutstilling på Jørpeland i Juli 2020
Solo Exhibition in Norway July 2021

Jeg stiller ut tegninger og malerier i Villa Rosehagen på Jørpeland i perioden 2 -31 juli 2021. 

Åpent hver dag 11 -17, jeg kommer til å være der selv. 

Fokus for utstillingen er Stålverket på Jørpeland, hvor jeg er inspirert av de unike og spennende industri motivene som området inneholder.  

Utstillingen inneholder også malerier og tegninger fra Ryfylke, båtliv og kystlandskap. I tillegg selger jeg kunstkort med originale motiver. 

De fleste kunstverkene er laget av akvarell og tusj. 

Se Villa Rosehagens facebook side for mer detaljer. 

Midnight sun Karin Christensen

Spring exhibition at Doddington Hall

"Art in the Barn" at the Staples Gallery May 14 - 31

Lincolnshire Artists Society's annual exhibition was a great success this year, despite the pandemic. We exhibited at the beautiful Doddington Hall just outside Lincoln and had very good visitor numbers and feedback from the public. 

Midnight sun Karin Christensen

Wild Art sketch walks at Gibraltar Point
Now Ended

May 25, June 1, 8 & 15

Join me for outdoor sketching at Gibraltar Point Nature reserve on the Lincolshire coast. As part of the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trusts Dynamic Dunescapes project, we will run 4 relaxed and friendly art workshops. Come along if you are keen to spend time outdoors, would like to meet people, and enjoy being creative. Free of charge, open to eveyone, bring your sketching kit or buy one on the day. Limited numbers. To sign up click the link below.

Midnight sun Karin Christensen

Summer Exhibition with Lincolnshire Artists

Now exhibiting online

Browse this years summer exhibition by the members of Lincolnshire Artists Society by following the link below. The LAS normally exhibits at the Usher Gallery in Lincoln, but are only showing online this year.

I am very pleased to have two of my paintings selected for the exhibition.  

Midnight sun Karin Christensen

Exhibition at Sam Scorer Gallery

Lincoln April 27 - May 10, NOW ONLINE

I am excited to be part of the Introducing exhibition at the Sam Scorer gallery in Lincoln, showing 7 watercolour and ink paintings together with other artist from the Lincolnshire Artist Society. 

This exhibition is now open online, see the Sam Scorer link.

Midnight sun Karin Christensen

Spring Exhibition in Boston

March 23 - April 2020

The Boston Art group is exhibiting at the Boston Stump after a year's  absence when the church has undergone substantial refurbishments. 

Lots of new artwork on display showing a wide variety of styles and images. Come and have a browse, a chat and a cup of tea...

Midnight sun Karin Christensen

Skissekurs i Tananger 29. - 31 mai 2020 (Skething course in Norway)

Båter, trehus og maritimt miljø

Vi skisser med blekk og akvarellmaling på dette kurset basert i Melinghuset som inneholder kystkultur samlingen i Tanager utenfor Stavanger.

Skissebok, blekk og penn er inkludert i kurset

Av innholdet:  Hvordan starte en skisse, Komposisjon og dybde, Forenkling av bygninger og båter, Enkel perspektiv forståelse, Eksperimentering i uhøytidelig samvær.

Fredag 18 - 20, Lør/Søn 10 - 16.

Pris kr. 1900,-

Informasjon og påmelding Ivar Langvik: 

Midnight sun Karin Christensen

Skissekurs i Mølleparken på Tau 21. - 22. august 2019

Bli med på to dagers skissekurs i den flotte Mølleparken på Tau

På dette to dagers kurset tegnet og malte vi i Mølleparken på Tau i Rogaland, og jeg hadde det kjekt sammen med en flott gruppe motiverte og flinke deltakere. Vi var fullt kurs og ble veldig godt tatt vare på av Eva Sørensen Galdal fra kunstgruppa i Mølleparken. 

Midnight sun Karin Christensen

Utstilling på Sørskår 24. - 25. 8. 2019

Exhibition on the West Coast of Norway

Kystkultur var tema for sommerens utstilling på Sørskår Kai med motiver fra Norge, Amsterdam og England. Vi hadde strålende vær og mange besøkende fra nær og fjern. 

Midnight sun Karin Christensen

Summer Exhibition at Blackfriars

Visit Blackfriars Art Centre in Boston in July

I was very happy to have all three of my paintings selected for this years summer exhibition at Blackfriars. Open through July. My painting of Blakeney on the North Norfolk coast won a prize for dramatic effect. 

Venue Information
Midnight sun Karin Christensen

Sketching Wormgate in Boston

Sunday morning sketching 4.8.19

We had a lovely time sketching in the Wormgate area of Boston Sunday August 4th,  concentrating on houses with a lot of character. Locals came to chat and we even got chocolate for snacks, always a pleasure to meet people walking by.

Midnight sun Karin Christensen

Sketching Boston Course 2019

Drawing and Painting Boston Street Life

A lovely group of people joined me for the "Sketching Boston" course based at Blackfriars Art Centre in Boston in May and June 2019. This was an 18 hour course over 6 weeks, where we practiced sketching people, buildings, houses and street life around town. 

Participants experimented with various drawing techniques and the use of ink and watercolour. 

Midnight sun Karin Christensen

South Holland Art Exhibition April 4th - 10th 2019

Boats and harbours

I was very pleased to have three of my paintings accepted for this regional exhibition, showcasing art work from the East Midlands, Norfolk and Cambridgeshire. Lovely venue at the South Holland Centre in Spalding. 

Midnight sun Karin Christensen

Painting on Sky TV programme

I was a "wild card" on the Sky landscape painter of the year 2018

I had a great day out at Fountain Abbey in Yorkshire with painters from across the land, competing as a wild card in the Sky TV series. October 16th 2018 on Sky Arts channel. 

Midnight sun Karin Christensen

Open Show at Sam Scorer gallery in Lincoln

A variety of Lincolnshire Artists exhibited their work

I was pleased to participate in the first Open Exhibition arranged by the Sam Scorer gallery in Lincoln. Sept 11th to 23rd 2018. 5 Drury Lane, Lincoln LN1 3BN

Venue Information
Midnight sun Karin Christensen

Summer exhibition with Boston Art Group

August 5th until September 2nd 2018

Boston Art Group arranged its summer exhibition at the Stump in the centre of Boston. There were art work from a wide variety of artists and styles.

Venue Information
Midnight sun Karin Christensen

Art demonstration

September 19th 2018

I demonstrated drawing with ink and stick at the Boston Art group. Interactive.

Venue Information
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