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I am a member of the Lincolnshire Artists Society and the Kirton and Boston art groups.

Moving from Norway to Great Britain 25 years ago, I n
ow live close to the busy market town of Boston. Inspiration for painting is all around me with great buildings, a river running through lined with fishing boats and a bustling food marked every week.

Photo Karin Christesen, Artist
In my art work, I normally use a combination of strong ink drawings with a looser watercolour paint. I am interested in landscape, coastal scenes, and subjects with a history, such as old boats and buildings.  

I also travel to coastal areas to sketch and paint, sometimes with the Urban Sketcher Community, and I love sitting on street corners sketching people and urban life or in a harbour sketching a fishing community.

Whilst I am mainly self taught as an artist, I attended a Graphic Design course in 1978 and I have enjoyed participating in various art courses and workshops over the years.

I like the combination of drawing and painting, especially buildings, urban landscapes, boats and busy street scenes.


Solo Exhibitions: 

Jørpeland, Norway, September 2022
Jørpeland, Norway, July 2021
Sørskår, Norway, 2019, 2017
Boston Art Centre, Lincolnshire, 2018

With Lincolnshire Artist Society: 
Usher Gallery, Lincoln, July - September 22
Sam Scorer Gallery, Lincoln, June 22
Doddington Hall, Lincoln, 2021
Sam Scorer Gallery, Lincoln 2021

With the Creative Lincs Coop of Artists:
Sam Scorer gallery, Lincoln, July 22

Alford Art Gallery, Lincolnshire: Artist of the month November 2021

2021 With Heritage Lincolnshire at the Old Kings Head in Kirton, Lincolnshire. Ongoing. 

2010 - I exhibit annually with the Boston Art group and on several occasions I have exhibited and sold paintings in London with the Pintar Rapido events. 

2017 Awards: 1st prize in the Lincolnshire Churches Art Competition and in the Boston Art group’s annual painting competition.

In 2021 I won first price in the Artist and Illustrator Magazine online competition.

My studio in Kirton is open to visitors. Please contact me if you would like to have a look at my work:

Sketching St Ives

Sketching courses and workshops

I teach various painting courses, such as Painting with Watercolours, Ink and Watercolours and Urban Sketching. See events page for current courses. 
Said participants: "The course met more than my expectations, you really taught me things."
"The course gave me the confidence to sit outside and just draw without worrying about people watching."